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Autumn 2012

Bar Ware

Barware offers large selection of Tableware for Hire in Ireland.

Ivory Crockery, Opal Cypress and Convivio/Gastronomie can be hired in Ireland.

Barware Enterprises Ltd. is registered as self-compliant under the Waste Management Acts 1996 to 2007.

We are required by law to accept on our premises, free of charge, for the purpose of recovery, packaging waste arising from products, packaging or packaging material of a type or brand sold or otherwise supplied on these premises. These products or packaging in question need not necessarily have been purchased from Barware Enterprises Ltd.
An annual report specifying the steps taken by Barware Enterprises Ltd. for the purpose of recovering waste in the preceding calendar year and a three-year implementation plan specifying the steps which Barware Enterprises Ltd. proposes to take to recover, prevent and minimise packaging waste is available at these premises, and if so requested, will be sent by post, fax or electronic mail.
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